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Friday, 11 June 2010

Interesting Article in GPS World

This month’s issue, June, of GPS world features an interesting article in its innovation column on true GNSS processing within the International GNSS Service. The authors, one of the authors being a PosiTim employee working at ESOC OPS-GN, show the significant developments that have taken place in the high accuracy GNSS area over the last two years. These developments have made the GLONASS orbit and clock products significantly better and they are now approaching the GPS orbit and clock quality.
Also the authors are convinced that the IGS analysis centres are all working on getting their GNSS solutions up and running. In fact, already one additional analysis centre, GFZ from Potsdam, Germany, has started to produce very good combined GNSS products. So the GNSS future looks bright!

So please check out the article on the GPS-world web-site or in the paper version if you have it!

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