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Sunday, 19 July 2009

SVN-49 Tip of the iceberg

After publishing the SVN-49 story on InsideGNSS a lot of things have happened. Most of the discoveries and developments you can read about on InsideGNSS and GPS World.

However, one very interesting new issue was brought to our attention. We were informed that other GPS block IIR and IIR-M satellites may show similar problems as SVN-49 because they use a similar configuration as SVN-49 but of course for a different signal then the L5 signal. So we took a close look at the residuals of all the GPS and GLONASS satellites and discovered that several other GPS block IIR and IIR-M satellites suffer from a similar, albeit much smaller, signal anomaly as observed for SVN-49. Most pronounced anomalies are observed for SVN-55 and SVN-43.

Read more about this in our addition the our InsideGNSS article on InsideGNSS

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