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Saturday, 4 April 2009

GNNS based personal weather forecast with Google Earth

A company we work with GPS Solutions has developed a really cool application which I would like to introduce to you here.

GPS solutions specialises in high accuracy GPS solutions and applications. Besides accurate positioning there are many other things one can do with GPS. One of these things is using GPS based tropospheric delay estimates to improve numerical weather predictions. So GPS solutions is generating weather predictions based on the more or less standard models and data but in addition includes GPS estimates to improve the weather predictions. The really fun part of this is that they have coupled the weather predictions with Google Earth. Thus you can "click" on any location on the world and get the weather forecast for that location for the next couple of days. I find that a really cool application!

Just think about you want to go out sometime in the next days. You just go to any point on the Earth using Google Earth, click on the location and up comes the weather forcast for the selected location.

Want to try it out, just click this link. This links shows you the location of the main Servolux office and the weather forecast for the next couple of days!

I find this really cool and also very usefull. However, GPS solutions has, so far, been unable to sell this application. If you are interested in this application please let us know or in the least give us some feedback!

Wishing you nice weather and a good forecast!

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