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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

GNSS Picutre Galery

Just a short post this time but an interesting one! Here we provide some links to interesting pictures and videos from different GNSS systems.

Galileo info.
A look at the navigation payloads on the satellites being assembled at EADS Astrium in Portsmouth, England, a video from the BBC.

Glonass launch from December 14, 2009
Roscosmos has announced the successful launch of the Proton rocket carrying three GLONASS-M satellites (in Russian).

The launch occurred on time at 10:38 UTC, on December 14, 2009.

Pictures of the launch.

Video 1 of the launch from RT (Russia Today).
Video 2 of the launch from RT (Russia Today).
Video 3 of the launch from TV Roscosmos.

Beidou/Compass info
The Chinese Government opened a Beidou/Compass Web site today at 12:00 local time "to promote greater public participation and understanding of the Compass navigation satellite [system] development, launch, operation and application." The site is presently in Chinese only.

Beidou/Compass-G1 was launched at 00:12 Beijing Time on 17 January = 16:12 UTC

China Central Television video of launch:

Hope you like these!

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